Social integration project for woman who are immigrats living in Mallorca.

By teaching clothing design and production techniques from different cultures fused with modern, up to date methods, we aim to give participants the tools and know how to become a part of the labour market.

Since its conception one of the main aims of The White Box has been to run collaborative social projects, with special emphasis placed on communities and groups of people who, for various reasons, have had fewer possibilities of developing their skills in this area.

In “Hands” we are delighted to have this opportunity to teach clothing design and production techniques to a group of women immigrants living in Mallorca.

Our project is part of the Dona’t Program, run jointly by the Pollensa Townhall and is composed primarily of woman from  Morocco and Senegal.

The content of the course is designed to give these women the skills they need to work in any modern textile work space. By combining ancient forms of clothes making (both eastern and western methods) with contemporary production techniques, we also create bonds between different cultures and languages.

In this way, the world of fashion serves us, once again, with the means to break with cultural, language and geographical barriers, whilst empowering and enabling people who have emigrated with the idea of a better life.

We believe this social project is an excellent opportunity for all parties to feel enriched and that this is only the starting point for future collaborations.

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